An Hour A Week? #224

Posted May 11, 2010 by Cubmaster Chris
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My mom comes on for a talk about my childhood, Scouting and training.

An Hour A Week? #224

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New Show Name and Website

Posted April 28, 2007 by Cubmaster Chris
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As most of you know from the show, we have been in the process of changing the name of the show to The Leader’s Campfire. As we finish that process, one of the last things is to move the website to it’s new location.

Please go to our new website at to continue to enjoy this show.

Bob and I would like to thank everyone who has supported the show up to now and we look forward to continuing to bring you are Scouting knowledge around the Leader’s Campfire…

Scout Roundtable #15

Posted April 23, 2007 by Cubmaster Chris
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#15-Feedback and New Site Announcements

Download it here

Thanks for the iTunes reviews, e-mail and comments.

If you would like to join our Roundtable or have feedback, e-mail us at


New Forums:
iTunes link to PTC Media:
Cub Scout Pack 88:
Cub Scout Pack 103:

Show sponsored by SOAR – Affordable Scouting Websites,

Scout Roundtable #14

Posted April 16, 2007 by Cubmaster Chris
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#14-Organizing Large Pack Events

Download it here

Bob is organizing a Belt Loop Academy, so we decided to see if we could help out with it. How do you do large Pack events?

Show Guest:
Joel McLaughlin, Assistant Den Leader – Pack536, Columbus, Ohio

Digital Distraction Podcast:

Scout Roundtable #13

Posted April 5, 2007 by Cubmaster Chris
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#13-Feedback and Blue & Gold Survey

Download it here

Lots of feedback tonight! Thanks for the comments, iTunes review and links. We need a new name for the Scout Podcasting Network ASAP! Listen to the show for details.

Show Guest:
Michael Kabot, Committee Chair/Wolf Den Leader – Pack 230, Pennfield, New York


Bill Smith’s Cub Scout Roundtable Links –
Blue & Gold Survey Results –
Cub Scout Pack 349 –
Some of the prizes for the SPN Contest:

NOTE: JUST ADDED TO THE PRIZE LIST – Bob is throwing in a $25 gift certificate to and some digital Pow Wow books for this year.

Scout Roundtable #12

Posted April 1, 2007 by Cubmaster Chris
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#12-Pack Meetings

Download it here

We cover the basics of a Pack Meeting and talk about what has worked and what hasn’t for our Packs. What do you do for Pack Meetings? Let us know!

Show Guest:
Bill Smith, Council Rep., Tampa, Florida

Bill Smith’s Unofficial Cub Scout Roundtable –

Certificate Templates:
Cub Scout Talk Yahoo Group:

Scout Roundtable #11

Posted March 25, 2007 by Cubmaster Chris
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#11-Blue & Gold Wrap Ups

Download it here

We finish up our discussion of our Blue & Gold Celebrations, we cover a lot of feedback on other Pack’s Blue & Golds and Joe makes an exciting announcement during the show.

Show Guest:
Joe Pelletier, Cubmaster/Bear Den Leader – Pack 48, Moreland, GA

Send Webelos Tips and Ideas to Joe:
Program Helps:
Baloo’s Bugle: