Scout Roundtable #13

#13-Feedback and Blue & Gold Survey

Download it here

Lots of feedback tonight! Thanks for the comments, iTunes review and links. We need a new name for the Scout Podcasting Network ASAP! Listen to the show for details.

Show Guest:
Michael Kabot, Committee Chair/Wolf Den Leader – Pack 230, Pennfield, New York


Bill Smith’s Cub Scout Roundtable Links –
Blue & Gold Survey Results –
Cub Scout Pack 349 –
Some of the prizes for the SPN Contest:

NOTE: JUST ADDED TO THE PRIZE LIST – Bob is throwing in a $25 gift certificate to and some digital Pow Wow books for this year.

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One Comment on “Scout Roundtable #13”

  1. Kevin Says:

    From time to time over the years, we had lads who got sick, had family commitments, a rescheduled date was not great for them, etc. If the car was present, we let it run, even if the lad who built the car could not be present.

    Kevin in Norman, America

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