Scout Roundtable #12

#12-Pack Meetings

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We cover the basics of a Pack Meeting and talk about what has worked and what hasn’t for our Packs. What do you do for Pack Meetings? Let us know!

Show Guest:
Bill Smith, Council Rep., Tampa, Florida

Bill Smith’s Unofficial Cub Scout Roundtable –

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4 Comments on “Scout Roundtable #12”

  1. Caught your podcast #12. Bill Smith is a most excellent choice for a guest.

    Bill’s regular contributions over the years have made Scouting better for countless youth, parents and leaders. I know his website was a blessing to me throughout the time I was an Assistant Cubmaster, my two rounds as a Cubmaster and when i was involved in my district as a Cub Roundtable Commissioner. I continue to rely on his site, and his great wisdom, still today.

    Kevin in Norman, America

  2. denleaderbob Says:

    Well, Kevin… Thanks. Bill was a wonderful guest. The guy is full of knowledge and I loved just chating with him.

    Also, we are still waiting on you to come on and join us for a show. When is that going to happen 🙂

    Mr. Bob

  3. Cubmaster Tom, CT Says:

    It’s good to hear Bill’s input on the show. Can you add the link to his web site.

  4. denleaderbob Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out… It is now updated.

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