Scout Roundtable #9

#9-Centennial Quality Unit Award and Blue & Gold

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Our guest, Michael, comes by to help us with the Centennial Quality Unit Award and we cover some basic outlines of how our Packs do their Blue & Gold celebrations.

Show Guest:
Michael Kabot, Committee Chair/Wolf Den Leader – Pack 230, Pennfield, New York

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12 Comments on “Scout Roundtable #9”

  1. We just had our Blue and Gold last week. We hold it every February to celebrate scoutings birthday. During our dinner the dens put on skits and then sometime during the evening we award them their new ranks. This year we stuck with the Luau theme. The leaders came dressed up in Hawaiin shirts and I wore a grass skirt. The kids were allowed to dress the same until award and skit time when every one had to be in Class A uniform. There was a dj who did activities and games with the kids. Everyone had a great time.

    David Goldblum
    Tiger Den Leader
    Pack 372
    Franklin Square, NY

  2. Kevin Gudenschwager Says:

    We hold our Blue and Gold in Feb. This is my second year as cubmaster, and until I took over, it was pretty much the same every year; games and pot luck, rank advancement, and crossover. Typically about the same ceremonies every year. The last two years we kept the same format with games and pot luck, but we went with the monthly theme for decorations and game ideas. This year, we had an audience participation story, skits from dens, boy scouts and leaders. I try to dress up the rank advancements as much as possible and change them every year; this year I did magic water(changing colors) for the bobcats and balloon pop(with rank advancement badges inside) for other dens.

  3. Brian Anders Says:

    Our Pack’s Blue & Gold has evolved into a celebration of the birth of Scouting plus our Webelos’ Arrow of Light and Crossover ceremonies. The last two years we have charged adults and siblings over five years of age to attend, as the meal has been eitehr outside or self catered. This is also a change from the old traditional pot luck meal, and seems to be well received.

  4. Peter Sanders Says:

    I’m a past Cubmaster (5 year tenure, 97 -> 2002)

    At our Blue & Golds we have:
    – celebrated the 50th year of the Pack’s existance
    – celebrated the birthday of Scouting

    If there were Cubs who had earned ranks — which was typical, duing my tenure January’s Pack meeting was Pinewood and was full enough without doing ranks, those ranks were awarded. The Webelos IIs usually received their Arrow of Light and bridged to the local Troop.

    The entertainment was usually skits and FOS presentation, the meal was a pot luck, adults recognized, etc…

    Wolf, Bear, & Webelos advancement would trickle in through the remaining Pack meetings in March, April and May. The bridge would come back out in May for granduation from Tiger -> Wolf -> Bear -> Webelos.

  5. Bruce Ramsey Says:

    Pack 314 of St. Raphaels Church in Raleigh, North Carolina holds its Blue & Gold banquet in February.

    We have Pinewood Derby check-in Friday evening, PWD race Sat morning 8-12 and then banquet starts around 5:30 Sat evening. We open with a flag ceremony and dinner prayer. Food is buffet style. We have pasta dishes catered and dens are assigned pot luck categories. Tigers Desserts, Wolfs salad, Bears bread, etc. It is held in the church hall which has an attached commerical kitchen. All costs are covered by the Pack. Following the meal we hold the AOL of ceremony. The ceremony is differenet each year and the responsibility of the Webelos 2 den leaders to plan and present. The Pack pays for a framed paper certificate and a parents pin. Any additional expenses for the AOL ceremony or awards are paid for by the AOL parents. Next are leaders thanks yous/awards. Finally the PWD trophies are distributed. The CubMaster probably makes mention of the Birthday of Scouting and there is typically a cake.

    The AOL is the centerpiece of the evening. The PWD trophies are not handed until the end to ensure everyone attends the entire event. We have 65 registered boys and 12-15 leaders. With family, siblings, and guest, we probably feed 200+.

    Rank advancement is NOT held at the B&G but awarded at the regular Pack mtg. This year the Pack mtg was Thursday, PWD check in Friday evening, PWD Sat morn, B&G + AOL Sat nite, and Scout Sunday. Busy week but only happens once a year. Bridging occurs at the Spring Campout March or April. Webelos II typically stop meeting or attending Pack functions after the B&G with the exception of the Bridging during the Spring Campout.

  6. David- Did the boys just wear their uniforms under their costumes? Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Kevin- It’s a good thing to change up the ceremonies. My rule for the Blue & Gold is I don’t a Scout to see the same ceremony twice during the Blue & Gold. The only one we repeat is our “Tiger Branding” ceremony, since they are our new Scouts. The magic water is a great one and very versatile!

  8. Brian – I agree about having it catered. I’m always nervous about doing pot-luck dinners, especially with a lot of kids, since they can be so picky.

  9. Peter – How long are the FOS presentations during your meetings and do the boys get involved at all? I’m not a big fan of them, since the boys are not interested in hearing it. I know they are important, but I’ve seen some really boring ones.

  10. Bruce – WOW! That is a really cool way to break everything up. I would have NEVER thought of doing the B&G and PWD on the same day. A couple of questions: 1. Do you have a lot of burnout from doing 4 days of Scouting activities? 2. What do the Sr. Webelos do between the AOL ceremony and crossing over?

  11. Bruce Ramsey Says:

    1. Do you have a lot of burnout from doing 4 days of Scouting activities? Pack Mtg Thursday evening is fun for the boys, not bad for the leaders. Friday PWD checkin is fun for the boys and only taxes the PWD committee. Sat morning PWD races are fun for the boys, and only taxes the PWD committee. B&G is fun for the boys, parents, and leaders. It taxes the B&G committee and the Sr. Webelos Leaders who perform the AOL cermony. Scout Sunday is fun for all and only taxes the COR. Yes, the leaders attend all the events but have limited responsibilities. We are lucky to have a dedicated group of leaders who are interested in providing an above average program for the boys. Because each event is managed by a different comittee, the work load of planning, performing, and wrap-up is spread and no one person is overworked.

    2. What do the Sr. Webelos do between the AOL ceremony and crossing over? The Sr. Webelos are still registered with the Pack and can attend the March Pack mtg until the end of March when the Pack recharters. Most start attending their chosen troops. My den had their AOL Feb 17. The first troop meeting was Feb 27. They completed their BSA apps, paid their fees, and signed up for summer camp. The next meeting they began work on their Scout rank. Their first campout with the Boy Scouts is Mar 25. Many will have completed the bulk of Tenderfoot by the April Bridging.

    The troops want the boys to get used to Boy Scouting before they go away to summer camp. Troop leadership said traditionally 50% of incoming scouts have never slept without an adult in the tent or spent the night away from their parents. Getting 2 or 3 campouts in before summer camp get the boys used to the idea of time away from Mom and Dad in the scarey woods at night.

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