Scout Roundtable #7

#7-Cool Online Resources

Download it here

In this episode, we go through our favorite online resources that help us with Scouting. What are your favorites? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Show Guest:
Dave Lyons, Commissioner – Old Colony District, Southern New Jersey Council
Baloo’s Bugle:
The Virtual Cub Scout Handbook:
Bill Smith’s Roundtable:
The Cub Roundtable:
Boy Scout Trail:
I Will Knot:
An Hour A Week? Cub Scout Podcast:
A Cub Scouting Adventure Podcast:
Scouting The Net:
Make Magazine:
Mac Scouter:
National Archive of Pow Wow Books:
Cub Scout Achievement Trackers:
Magic Campfire Starts:
Steve Spangler Science:
World Scouting Organization:
50 States:
Ben’s Guide to Government:
Yahoo Groups (Cub Scout Talk):
Space Place:
Arapahoe Video Library:
Derby Talk:
Mazed Things:

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