Thomas Fogarty Donations

In show #4, we began by talking about the Thomas Fogarty story. The family has decided to set up a memorial fund at his school to benefit enrichment programs.

Donations may be made to:

Thomas Edward Fogarty memorial fund
c/o Greenland Central School
70 Post Road
Greenland, N.H., 03840

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4 Comments on “Thomas Fogarty Donations”

  1. Mr. Bob Says:

    Thanks for posting this info. I hope that people go out and donate what ever they can to this fund.


  2. Jay Oakman Says:

    great job, on the pinewood derby,

    You may want to be careful about just asking businesses to donate, you should always ask you DE first, he (the district) or the Council may be in the process or thinking about approaching that business for something on a large scale. The packs or individual may in fact interfere with the big picture.

  3. I really like the fact that you and mr. bob have taken the time to talk about this tragic accident. and i can only hope that cubscouts around the world help this family with any doantions they can. i know our pack will do what they can.

    Cubmaster Erick

  4. Kent Stephenson Says:

    Thanks for helping spread the word about this tragic accident. All scouters must learn from this incident. My Pack participated in our local parade that morning. I catch grief every year because we walk. Three other packs participated and each road on a trailer or truck bed with no rails or restraints. At least all the boys were seated and well back from the edge.

    Please let this family know that they are part of something big by contributing to the memorial fund or dropping the family (and Pack) a card. It may not seem like much but you would be surprised at how much this helps. My son was one of three boy scouts and a leader killed on November 5 returning from a weekend event. My wife and I cherished every card or note, especially those from scouts. We received cards from all over the USA.

    Your in scouting,
    Cubmaster Kent

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