Scout Roundtable #4

#4-Running A Pinewood Derby Part 1

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We begin with coverage of a recent tragic story in the Scouting world and what you can do to help. Part 1 of our Pinewood Derby tips covers financing, decorations, track types, locations, and pre-race activites. We also have an exciting giveaway sponsored by Pinewood Extreme! Listen to the show for details.

Show Guest:
Mack McKee, Assistant Cubmaster – Pack 429, Arlington, Texas

Pinewood Extreme:
Family Speaks Out About Cub Scout’s Death:
The ‘Kit Skit’:

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One Comment on “Scout Roundtable #4”

  1. Vaughn Martens Says:

    Very good show. A lot of good information. I will share this site at our next District Roundtable. An addendum to this show, there is a plastic track avialable. The company is Supertimer ( I don’t use thier track, I operate a wooden track, but I use thier timing system. I consider it the best. It’s very reliable, simple to install, and use. I do about 20 to 25 Pinewood Derbys each year for packs in our council, some adjacent councils, and several Girl Scout Troops.

    I’m a believer in the “fast and furious” race method to keep the boy’s attention. Since my track is a four laner, we run four periods of racing. With 50-60 boys each period takes about 10 minutes. The track is loaded and races run as fast as I can announce the racers in each heat. This gives the pack a window between heats to present awards and make announcements. A 50-60 boy pinewood takes about an hour and a half, from check in to race awards. This works well in our neck of the woods as pack meetings are usuall on Tuesday or Thursday evenings.

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