Scout Roundtable #2

#2-NLE & CLS Training and Good Turn For America

Download it here

Our first guest arrives to the Roundtable from Arlington, Texas. We cover our experiences with New Leader Essentials and Cub Leader Specific Trainings and discuss the Good Turn for America program, including lots of ideas for projects.

Show Guest:
Mack McKee, Asst. Cubmaster – Pack 421, Arlington, Texas

Troop Videos on YouTube:
Sending e-Cards to the Troops:
Good Turn For America:
BSA Training Videos Online:

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3 Comments on “Scout Roundtable #2”

  1. Joe Says:

    This was a great show and the links are priceless! Keep up the good work and as always thank you all of ya’ll’s time!


    Cubmaster Joe
    Moreland, GA

  2. Kevin Pate Says:

    was listening to the podcast re training videos and heard the suggestions for Eagle Scout projects to update the same. That won’t work.

    ES projects can’t be approved where the primary beneficiary of the project would be Scouting.

    I’m not suggesting there is no room to improve certain videos, merely that the avenue of doing so via ES projects is a non-starter at this time.

    Luck to you on your future podcasts, and happy scouting.

    Kevin in Norman, America

  3. Kevin –

    Thanks for the input on the ES project. As I was saying it, I thought it would be too easy to have as an ES project.

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