Scout Roundtable #1

#1-Bobcat/Tiger Change & Pack Website Basics

Download it here

Our first show!

We discuss the changes to the Tiger Cub program regarding the Bobcat Badge and the basics of creating a Pack/Troop Website.

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8 Comments on “Scout Roundtable #1”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Great show idea, guys! Enjoyed your first one. Thanks for the tip about Google calendar on pack websites. I’ve already fixed our pack website to incorporate this tool. I look forward to future shows.
    Tonya, Committee Chair & Webmaster for Pack 664 in San Marcos, CA

  2. Hey guys, great idea – Podcasts for Scouts ! I look forward to your future epsiodes.

    I own a business that provides a hosted website service to scouting units – SOAR – I have done alot of research over the last year on the do’s and dont’s of a unit website. I’ve also gotten great feedback from a large number of units running their own website and of course my customers.

    To build on the website discussion in your podcast, I’d add the following.

    1. Free is good. At the same time, units should be careful about advertising being placed on their websites. Free usually means advertising supported. If you read through the BSA guidelines for Council websites this is not a good idea.

    2. The biggest problem seems to be “outdated websites”. Some parent builds a website then doesn’t stay involved and nobody knows how to update the website. This is why scout website “services” are becoming popular. Easy to create. Easy to manage. Easy to pass on to the next leader. All unit leaders can easily add to the website, not just the “webmaster”.

    3. From the feedback I’ve received from various units, a website with a weekly email reminder seems to be the most popular idea. Not every parent has email, but they usually do have web access somewhere. Parents also start to ignore scout email if they get too much of it.

    I ran across a great staring place for units looking into website the other day at

    Feel free to contact me. Would love to hear more about your experiences. And thanks again for these great scouting resources !

    Michael Kabot
    President – SOAR Committee Chair Pack 230 – Penfield, NY

  3. Thanks for the link! That is a good starter list for Packs/Troops who don’t have any website at all.

    On your #3 point e-mail, are you saying that the maximum suggested e-mail to parents would be once a week?


  4. Chris,

    From what I’ve heard it wasn’t described as “one email a week maximum”. More the opposite. A way to consolidate emails that are currently being sent.

    For example: Each Den Leader sends out reminders for the Den Meetings and their outings. The Secretary sends out emails about the Pack/Troop meetings. The Popcorn Kernel sends out emails about upcoming deadlines for popcorn. The Committee Chair is sending out emails requesting volunteers, passing on information from the District & Council. etc…. Parents end up with a seperate email for each item and tend not to read all of them after awhile.

    I’ve heard the most success in using email come from units that somehow consolidate all email communication, mostly through the Secretary.

    Thus, the idea of a website where all the leaders can post their items individually and that automatically conslidates and sends out an “update” email to parents is very appealing to those that I have talked to. The frequency is another question – and thus would be a configurable feature !

    Michael Kabot
    Committe Chair – Pack 230, Penfield NY
    President – SOAR –
    (signature working this time…)

  5. OK, I’m with you now. You’re right, that really does make more sense and makes it easier on the parents to keep the information overload to a minimum.

  6. Mr. Bob Says:

    While surfing I found this site… Some do’s and don’ts about creating a pack or troop website.

  7. Dean Long Says:

    I am a Cubmaster in the central Virginia area. I just found this podcast series yesterday. I want to comment on topics from this podcast. I have agreed with all of the changes to the Tiger program BSA has done integrating Tigers into Cub Scouting until the Bobcat change last June. I embraced the change at first and have tried several techniques to make learning Bobcat first and it just is not working. I have made flash cards for the Cub Scout Law, Cub Scout Motto, Cub Scout Promise and sent them home with the Tigers from their first meeting. The parents already understand this and have tried this apporoach. It is just not working. Most of our 1st graders just are not mature enough in the Fall to make this work. We ended up causing our Tiger program to suffer trying to comply. We ended up changing our interpretation to a literal one. Bobcat must be earned before earning the Tiger. We will not award the Tiger before Bobcat, but will award the totem and up to the 15 beads as they are earned. The kids now know that they cannot get their Tiger badge until they also earn Bobcat, but they can be rewarded for the steps along the away.

    Thanks for taking the time to put out these podcasts.

  8. Interesting solution; I like it. I agree that it is a lot for a first grader to absorb and hopefully National will come up with some more tools to help us with this transition.

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